Millennials—Americans who reached adulthood at the turn of the century—are confident, connected, upbeat, open to change and place a high value on equality.

America’s Millennial generation is 88 million strong and accounts for roughly one-fourth of the voting age population—a voting block even larger than senior citizens.

Millennials are more ethnically and racially diverse than previous generations. They’re less religious, and the most educated generation in American history.

Millennials are also accepting of nontraditional families: single parent families, interracial couples, same sex couples, etc.

Though commonly considered the “liberal generation,” a recent study by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, shows that President Obama has lost the Millennial generation.

Yet, the Republican Party has failed to inspire this key demographic to our side.

Why? Because Millennials largely view Republicans as “out-of-touch” and “intolerant.”


Millennials are the politically unclaimed generation.


The Millennial demographic is a sleeping giant with the power to revolutionize the political landscape.

If the Republican Party is be successful in 2017 and beyond, radical reform is needed.

What if? What if we could transform the Republican Party into a party that appeals to Millennials?

Why not? Promote conservative ideas while embracing an attitude of social tolerance?

A Pew Research report seems to support our position:

62% of Millennials are socially liberal
78% say the budget deficit and national debt are major concerns
53% would vote for a socially “tolerant” / fiscally conservative candidate

We can! We can attract Millennials by becoming known as the party that puts viable solutions to America’s problems on the table, and it begins with the Modern Republicans Political Action Committee.

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